recognising potential, securing market advantages, developing to keep up with an ever-changing world, unleashing new energy and power. Digitalisation through disruptive technologies is transforming business models across all sectors, all value chains and competitive situations. This challenges you as an existing player and incites us to capture new customer-centric opportunities for (re)thinking your existing business models.


It’s time for Plan D! We support you with the development of your own digital DNA, which you can leverage to gain the agility and confidence you need to tackle the big challenges of both today and tomorrow. How can we do this? By leveraging our own agility and curiosity, cutting-edge methods, roughly 20 years of industry and consulting experience in national and international projects, as well as a strong global network of strategic partners, masterminds, first-movers and market-leaders in the IT and telecommunications sectors.

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As your sparring partner for ideas, we support you in realising all your visions for innovation – with a focus on customers and centred on the right results. Our experienced consultants and partners stand out with their exclusive specialist know-how in the various links within the value chain. What’s more, they have the right amount of open-mindedness, pragmatism and expertise in the democratisation and practical application of knowledge within their projects.


Strategy, technology, innovation & financing

We provide consultation – from determining the strategic targets together with you to the concrete realisation of whatever you have planned. Our spectrum of services covers market analyses, concrete strategies and product developments within business development and enablement, integrated innovation concepts, technology landscapes, venture developing and company financing, among others.


Co-creation, presentations & talks

Within the scope of sophisticated events involving executives and experts, we pass on our knowledge of trends and the competence that is just right for you. Our systematic methods channel existing potential within your company and enable you to leverage it for your strategic objectives.


Coaching & management training

New challenges require new skills. Which is why we build up the necessary capabilities in a structured way – for the long-term. These include intrapreneurship and extrapreneurship initiatives for your transformation to a scaled, digital business model.


Nothing is more powerful,

than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

In line with this philosophy, we react specifically to your special requirements and needs.
We go off the beaten path and tread new ones for you that are worth taking.

Discover our broad competency and consulting portfolio

Innovation, strategy, marketing & business development

Are you looking for pragmatic, client- and user-centred opportunities for implementing new, and above all, Internet-based technologies as well as their commercialisation? Then we are the right partner for you. In apverio you will find a partner for your innovation, strategy, marketing and business development – one who you can translate your will to innovate into concrete strategies and projects.

Digital DNA for your Plan D

Strategy meets action: we support you in developing your own digital DNA. To achieve this, we set in motion the transfer between market and technology trends, new markets and clients, innovations, partners and companies, and we convert the results systematically into concrete products, strategies and business models.

Systematic approach

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Methods & tools

Opening up opportunities for (re)thinking, recognising potential, grabbing chances: in our creative processes, we apply cutting-edge methods and tools which enable you to tap into new horizons efficiently and for the long term.

  • Future Thinking (Instigate & Inspire)
  • “The Art of Opportunity Toolbox” (Inspire & Enable)
  • Innovation & Technology Landscape
  • Business Design Thinking (Do & Make)
  • Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas
  • Technical and Start-up Due Diligence
  • Prototyping & Lead User Concepts (Test & Verify)

Minimum Viable Projects

Both strategic as well as IT-driven projects often develop into huge wasters of valuable internal and external resources. As an alternative to inflated project structures, we work in minimum viable projects. These guarantee high performance, shorten processes and noticeably lower your costs.


Our strong ties to leading companies and think tanks not only gives us direct access to vital topics, trends and developments within the IT world. It also enables us to deliver the right partners for your goals – from opportunity exploration to technological solutions to operationalisation. We match demand for capital and type of investor custom-fit for your business case and development phase through our network and support your growth in new regions and markets.

Digital Ethics

Technology is not an end in itself. That’s why we analyse the use of disruptive technologies in light of digital ethic principles when it comes to the Internet, information and all networked data and communication platforms.


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    deals with the design, construction, operation and use of robots as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and information processing

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    Blockchain / Ethereum

    facilitates Smart Contract embedded Peer-to-Peer transactions based on Distributed Ledger Technology

  • null

    Neural Communication

    neural networks learn i.e. by repetition and trim synapse emphasis accordingly. Thus voice control solutions can be redeemed

  • null

    3D Printing

    is an additive manufacturing process that creates a 3D physical object by adding material layer by layer

  • null

    Artificial Intelligence

    deals with the tremendous automation potential of intelligent behaviour

  • null

    Cloud, Big Data & Analytics

    facilitates flexible, cost efficient software usage as well as collection, storage, analysis and interpretation of data

  • null

    IoT & Industrie 4.0

    connects Smart Objects and machines in consumer and industrial environments (i.e. Smart Home, Smart Factory, Smart Energy)

  • null

    Virtual & Augmented Reality

    merges the perception of reality and its physical characteristics in real-time

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    are uncrewed, remote-controlled and partly camera-equipped aircraft i.a. used to address logistical, observational and maintenance & repair challenges


The future we want needs to be invented,
otherwise we get one we don’t want.

Joseph Beuys

comes from the Latin verb “aperire” and means “I open, I make accessible, I tap into, I enable”.


Thorsten Anding is founder and managing director of apverio GmbH Unternehmensberatung business consultancy. Herein he provides immersive technology strategy and management advisory services.

For roughly 20 years, Thorsten Anding has been active in the international market for IT and telecommunications solutions centred on the topics of innovation, strategy, marketing and business development. In a leadership and consulting function, he has led numerous projects to success for international market leaders, innovative companies and start-ups.

His unrelenting curiosity forms the basis for all his actions. It is what drives him to leave the traditional comfort zones and create new space for (re)thinking. As a passionate networker, infopreneur and avant-gardist, he has access to a continually growing, global network. This includes innovation companies, first-movers and experts as well as potential investors. His close personal contact to the worldwide entrepreneurial scene and to the trendsetters in Silicon Valley has enabled him to be a contact person for the industry’s decisive trends and next practices.

With a German diploma in engineering, Thorsten Anding studied communications and electrical engineering at the Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany. He received his MBA for strategy, innovation and marketing from the University of Bradford in the UK, in cooperation with the Tias School for Business & Society in the Netherlands.



THE RIGHT MODULE AT THE RIGHT TIME. Our strong network of renowned partners enables us to quickly react to any need, during every project phase, with the suitable solution.



OUR NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS come from manufacturing as well as the service provider and financing sectors. Multinationals, mid-sized companies, investors, start-ups and company builders are mainly active in the IT, telecommunications, energy, mobility and logistics sectors.

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